LG Chem powering the roof top revolution in Queensland

RESU10H battery helps to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions

Australia has the highest number of residential rooftop solar installations in the world thanks to its climate, architecture and space. The country passed the ‘one panel per person’ mark back in 2016. Australia is now poised to become a home battery hot spot as well, maximising the environmental, financial and reliable benefits of solar energy.

Batteries now being included

Uptake of home battery systems in Australia tripled from 2016 to 2017 according to the Climate Council. With more than half of a million households now generating power from rooftop solar, the state of Queensland has announced to offer a combination of grants and interest-free loans for solar and battery storage systems from November 2018. QLD home owners have jumped at these offers and in great numbers are taking advantage of the government’s announcement. This trend goes on down to the South, where South Australia and Victoria have introduced similar battery incentive programs to households, proving that energy storage system is truly the unstoppable next wave in Australia’s renewable energy revolution.

In fact, home solar power generation costs just one dollar per watt from a typical 5kW system and solar feed-in-tariffs are typically much lower than the price to purchase electricity from the grid.This means it can be significantly more cost effective for homeowners to store the electricity themselves for use at night rather than sell it back to the grid, despite the additional cost of installing the battery and energy management system.

Creating a Virtual Power Plant

Home energy storage could in fact become an important part of a future smart grid with large numbers of household solar and battery systems being linked to create a ‘Virtual Power Plant’.

All this means that home battery systems are rapidly becoming the new normal with big housing developers offering packages to new-build clients and nearly three-quarters of Australians polled believe the technology will become commonplace in the next decade.

Queensland leads the charge

One such developer in Queensland (where already nearly a third of homes already have rooftop solar) is Tangara Constructions which offers a system to its clients. Designed by Solar Hybrid the installation is centred around an LG Chem RESU battery with rooftop solar panels from its sister company LG Electronics.
Increasingly seen as a ‘must-have’ for homebuilders in Brisbane the system offers peace-of-mind, energy security, insulation from bill shock and high-tech monitoring and optimisation. With 20 panels, the solar panel array size is 6.5kW supported by a 9.8kWh LG Chem RESU10H battery. It is estimated that this will produce 9.4MWh of electricity a year, reducing not just the householder’s bills but also their carbon output by 7.7 tonnes a year.
According to Gino Fiocco, managing director of Solar Hybrids, “We chose LG Chem because of its reputation for quality, safety, reliability and the peace of mind offered to the home owner thanks to industry-leading warranties. In this installation in particular, the LG Chem
battery’s extremely compact and sleek design made it a perfect counterpart to this opulent,cutting-edge home.”
Jamie Allen,General Manager of LG Chem Australia said, “Australia is now in a renewable energy revolution, largely driven by forward thinking homeowners. Whether incorporating home batteries into a new solar system, or adding them to an existing solar system, Australian families are now taking advantage of the systems electricity cost savings, environmental benefits and peace-of-mind having their own electricity independence.”