Optimized Energy Solution for the
Environmentally Conscious Consumer

More and more electricity consumers are becoming environmentally conscious and they are taking active steps towards renewable energy. This has led to a growth in individual consumers investing in their own Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in order to take advantage of renewable energy at times when the sun is not shining. Below is a story of Stephen, who is one such consumer.

“I need a solution that would meet my energy needs while also being environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.”

Stephen Young in New South Wales, Australia, who is very concerned about reducing his carbon footprint, wanted to find technologies available to store his excess solar energy for use at night and on cloudy days. He had solar panels installed on his rooftop in 2016, and after talking with his installer and distributor, had energy monitoring software installed at his home as well, looking to also include an energy storage system that would complement his solar system. He belived that it would be a good way to show his leadership and dedication to the cause of transiting to renewable energy.

After researching alternative energy solutions, he initially considered a brand which was highly publicized. However, the size was too large to install at his home and it was not compatible with the software he was trying to use. Moreover, he never received a quote from the company. Amidst this process, his installer recommended LG Chem as a reputable company with a battery that could be used immediately with his energy monitoring software (Reposit), and he received a quote shortly after his request.

Finally, after discussions with his installer, he decided to install the LG Chem RESU10H (9.8 kWh) battery on an outer wall of his home in Thirroul, NSW, in April 2017.



Simple Installation & Sleek Design

“The LG Chem RESU10H was easy to install and looks good. It’s not overly intrusive, and it is a real conversation starter.”

The entire installation process was smooth for Stephen. The only thing he had to do was to decide where to put the battery. When deciding to install RESU10H next to the carport, he found that its compact size was enough to be placed in any cramped condition at ordinary Australian homes.

Another advantage of RESU10H was its sleek design. “Not an industrial look, but more like a big grey mobile phone battery. It was a great fit with my house.” he said.

After Stephen had his RESU10H battery installed at his home on an outer wall, his friends and family were interested to find out about the battery and cost saving benefits it provides. It is aesthetically pleasing and a real conversation starter.

Reduced Carbon Emissions and Peace of Mind

“The battery can provide renewable power to us even when there’s no sun.”

“One of the most notable benefits of the RESU is that it is not time-critical when we choose to use our appliances.” The RESU10H can charge when solar energy is being generated and discharge when needed, supplying enough power to support essential home appliances during peak hours. These compelling aspects provide a peace of mind to Stephen.

Energy Saving

“We decided to take a chance, and it has really paid off.”

After installing LG Chem RESU10H to complement his4kW Sunpower solar panels in addition to an inverter and the battery management software, Stephen found that the entire system was a game changer for his household. It allowed him to monitor in real time the flow of energy between the solar panels, battery, and the grid. It also allows him to sell his excess energy on the wholesale market to get the benefit of high spot prices.

“When I started considering energy storage, I didn’t expect to have this outcome. I am really pleased with how it has all come together.” Through his energy system, he is expecting to continue to reduce energy taken from the grid and save money.

The energy prices in Australia has been rising in recent years, and this trend is expected to stay for a while. The LG Chem RESU is an optimal energy solution for green customers such as Stephen, who want to be part of the solution to tackling dangerous climate change while saving money at the same time.