Sustainable Energy Life Through an Energy Efficient House

Here we have a unique story of Jörg Erstling, a construction technician and building biologist who set the goal of building an ecological, highly energy self-sufficient home, made possible with the help of RESU10H.

“The focus was on realizing
a house with a high degree of self-sufficiency, which at the same time represents an economically interesting
solution from a long-term

When the state-certified construction technician and building biologist began planning his family home in the Allgäu 3 region of Isny in 2015, only a thoroughly ecological wooden house made of recyclable materials was considered.

With these parameters, Jörg Erstling planned and built the house with a specialist provider of ecological houses, Baufritz. This house is made up of two residential units spread over three floors with a total of 240 square metres of living space, garage and granny flat in a hillside location.

Jörg Erstling


Reliable Choice with Extensive Know-How

To achieve his self-sufficiency goals, Erstling hired a reliable installation company with plentiful experience that could respond quickly if problems arise.

After intensive meetings and consultations on high-quality components from skilled manufacturers, he chose the LG Chem RESU10H with professional installation and warranty contracts, a system that ensures years of smooth operation.

Compact Size and Easy Installation

“The design of the RESU10H with its shallow depth fits into the room in a space-saving way”

The storage system has a useable capacity of approximately 9.3 kWh. The specially designed technical and utility room in the basement of the house, where the RESU10H is located, is connected to the other components via an empty conduit to accommodate the cable harness. One working day each was sufficient for the installation of the PV modules plus energy storage system, inverter and all necessary connections.

Remarkable Self-Sufficiency

“The remarkable result one year after completion and move-in: up to 90 percent self-sufficiency”

Especially in terms of self-sufficiency, the performance of the system in the first year after completion and commissioning is very good. The system was installed in December 2016 and ran just as smoothly as everyone involved had expected. As a result, 90% self-sufficiency was achieved in about seven months. There is no shortage of energy-intensive appliances in the household: washing machine, dryer, two fully equipped kitchens and an array of entertainment and communication technology need to be supplied with electricity. Nevertheless, the house achieved a degree of self-sufficiency of up to 90 percent between March and October 2017 – 20 percent more than originally planned. The fact that this value is difficult to achieve in the winter months can easily be explained by the fact that part of the energy is diverted to the heat pump, while frequent snowfalls affect the efficiency of the solar modules.

Economical Battery Solution for Home

“I am pleased that I can wholeheartedly recommend the LG Chem RESU”

Jörg Erstling’s assessment is entirely positive: “A project like this one is originally designed to deliver its benefits in the long term. Nonetheless, even after this short time the holistically conceived energy infrastructure has already proven that we have decided on the correct solution.” No further investment is required for the coming years. In addition, the construction engineer is planning to pass on his personal knowledge of the potential of the LG Chem RESU Batteries.

“I am professionally active in consulting building owners. Based on my own experience, I am pleased that I can wholeheartedly recommend the LG Chem RESU to them.”