Global Reference

LG Chem has installed or been awarded over 6GWh of grid-scale projects since the launch of our ESS business.

> 6GWh
(As of April 2019)

World-leading Grid-scale battery supplier with extensive experience and proven reference projects

** Cumulative amount of installed/awarded projects

Europe Case

Steag, 140MWh in Germany

  • Purpose : Frequency Regulation
  • Project Size : 90MW / 140MWh

3 power generators Including Bexbach
(North Rhine-Westphalia)

3 power generators Including Lünen

Solution : Energy Storage Container

(PCS+BAT, 1.5MW/2.33MWh) X 2EA

USA Case

SCE(Southern California Edison), 32MWh in USA

  • Purpose : Multiple Purpose Including Renewable Integration on a utility T&D system
  • Project Size : 8MW / 32MWh

9MWh in USA

  • Purpose : PJM ISO Frequency Regulation
  • Project Size : 20MW / 9MWh

ESS Site

ESS Container

South Korea Case

GS, 50.4MWh in South Korea

  • Purpose : Young-yang Wind Farm Renewable Integration
  • Project Size : 16.8MW / 50.4MWh

Wind Farm Area 200,000m2

EESS Area 1,300m2

LG Chem Iksan Factory, 23MWh in South Korea

  • Purpose : Peak Shifting for Electricity Cost Saving
  • Project Size : 3MW / 23MWh

Iksan ESS Building

ESS Rack System